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Goodbye Neocities!

Neocities has been extremely sluggish and laggy for me, so I changed my host. This site is no longer maintained, I will write about this in details (sometime in the near future when I'm less busy). In the meantime, visit me at e0x0e0.club instead.

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    it has been so long! we MUST cancel plans last minute with each other sometimes soon.
    Dev's notes (brief):

    17/02/23: Index page now have some fancy interactive background, it's kinda just a space to chill. ~147's page is in progress, no new updates on ~369 for now :( but I will fix the spoiler macro and upload some artwork sometimes soon.

    Sorry that this page always take forever to update, and even now after the update it looks very undone and there's a bunch of holes everywhere. Please watch your step and remember that e0x0e0 is always under destruction! Thank you.

    read the latest dev notes here


    get in loser we're staring at walls stars

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